ADD/ADHD: The Way to Success?

What’s great about having ADHD?

The answer is, “Lots!” According to Mark Norris, ADHD coach of Rhema Coaching, when we demystify ADHD, the benefits spring forth. We tend to pathologize difference. When people are different we label and categorize and decide something is wrong with them. But what would the world be like if everyone was the same?

The 7 Benefits of Having ADHD

1. Curiosity. Those with ADHD are extremely curious. They have an insatiable thirst for exploration and are constantly seeking new stimulation.

2. Power of observation. They are excellent observers and scanners. They pick up on what is going on around them and always have a global perspective of things. They seem to know more than others about what is going on around them. Because of this they are quick to grasp essentials.

3. Spontaneity. They are spontaneous. They don’t get caught up in routine and so they are flexible. They can easily adapt to changes around them.

4. Sensitivity. They have a high emotional intensity and so are sensitive to their own needs and those of others. When interest is there, listening skills are exceptional.

5. Ability to hyperfocus. When interest and passion is there, they can immerse themselves in something with energy and enthusiam. They can puruse a passion with such devotion to master a certain subject or complete a project.

6. Willing to take risks. ADHD’ers are not afraid to take risks. This is part of their exploratory mindset. They are always seeking new stimulation so they make excellent entrpreneurs and artists.

7. Autonomy. They are highly autonomous. They can exploit their creativity on their own with no need for feedback or support.

If you want to go far in life, being just like everyone else isn’t the way to do it. Take the world’s most eccentric and highly successful people and you will surely find some ADHD. Einstein flunked out of school and changed the world with his thought experiments: he capitalized on his ability to daydream. Jim Carey, Whoopi Goldberg, Mariette Hartley & Robin Williams are all reported as “suffering” from ADHD. Without their eccentricity, would they have enjoyed such stunning success?

Thomas Edison, Alexander Graham Bell and Benjamin Franklin are cited as ADHD’ers. Where would the world be without the contributions of these regarded people? And Mozart? He was known as restless, eager, easily distracted, imaginative, inventive, stimulating, mocking, and a nonconformist.

If you have ADHD, will it be a limitation or the cause of your success?

David Kynan

David Kynan will get you there with practical cutting-edge methods for change and performance. President of Personis Coaching and Training ( and Former Vice President of the Canadian Association of NLP, David coaches, teaches and consults on how to make change happen when change is hard. He also lends his skills to individuals, professionals and businesses on topics related to strategic intervention, problem solving, marketing and sales. His expertise has landed him training and consulting contracts with companies such as Sun Life Financial, Medisca Pharmaceuticals Inc. and Pure Water Technologies. He has been featured in the Montreal Mirror, interviewed on CTV and presented on his work at the Canadian Human Rights Commission in Ottawa.

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