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The Magical Solution

Everyone has goals of some kind, and we’re told from all directions to set goals, make them clear (and SMART) and take action. Positive thinkers tell us “anything is possible” and to think big! Movies and books like The Secret … Continue reading

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Problem Solving with the Hierarchy of the Mind

The mind, and any biological or social system for that matter, is organized into levels. For efforts to change or achieve goals to be effective they must address the various levels of human experience. When working to create change or … Continue reading

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The Lust for Change

It’s human nature to want more of what feels good, and less – or none – of what doesn’t. And so, when we experience problems, challenges and pain – emotional or physical - we just want  it to go away. Sometimes we’ll do anything to just “get … Continue reading

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Your Personal Philosophy: Belief Systems and The Acquisition of Knowledge

How do we know what we know? As we go through life, each of us forms our own unique personal philosophy as we acquire beliefs and form belief systems. although we barely realize it, our beliefs (what we Think is … Continue reading

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