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The Magical Solution

Everyone has goals of some kind, and we’re told from all directions to set goals, make them clear (and SMART) and take action. Positive thinkers tell us “anything is possible” and to think big! Movies and books like The Secret … Continue reading

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Healing from Trauma and Abuse with NLP

As much as we would like for life to be a wonderful joyous experience, tragedy is a reality. Many people suffer traumatic events, physical or sexual abuse or other experiences that are difficult to heal from. What do we do … Continue reading

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Sticky Problems: Simplifying Complexity

Most people would say that change is difficult. Many people have tried wholeheartedly to change things in themselves or their behaviour, but failed. Sometimes people have tried many things, and the lack of results has led them to give up … Continue reading

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The Lust for Change

It’s human nature to want more of what feels good, and less – or none – of what doesn’t. And so, when we experience problems, challenges and pain – emotional or physical - we just want  it to go away. Sometimes we’ll do anything to just “get … Continue reading

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SCRIPTS for Change

Many people are able to make changes and resolve problems with NLP interventions. But in working with people, I became fascinated by those people who were not able to change and had been struggling with the same problems for years … Continue reading

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The Paradox of Problems: From Sufferer to Seeker

Most people at one time or another have experienced a problem they just couldn’t solve. They suffer and struggle, willing to do anything to get rid of the problem, but to no avail. Instead, they find that what they do … Continue reading

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Happy Thinking

I have been thinking a lot lately about a tendency we all have. It’s so common, perhaps because it’s just what happens naturally, but the solution is simple if we just do a bit of quality control on our thinking. … Continue reading

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Questioning Unhappiness

All of us have things in life we have been trying is accomplish, resolve or overcome and no matter what we’ve done, we can’t seem to make it happen. Self-help books, seminars, various techniques- the works… and still, no luck! … Continue reading

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