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The 10 Most Common Mistakes People Make When Setting and Achieving Goals

As humans we are driven by desire; the more we have, the more we want. And why not? In today’s society, in which education is available to anyone, where economic opportunity is everywhere, and the tools and resources are available … Continue reading

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The Magical Solution

Everyone has goals of some kind, and we’re told from all directions to set goals, make them clear (and SMART) and take action. Positive thinkers tell us “anything is possible” and to think big! Movies and books like The Secret … Continue reading

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Problem Solving with the Hierarchy of the Mind

The mind, and any biological or social system for that matter, is organized into levels. For efforts to change or achieve goals to be effective they must address the various levels of human experience. When working to create change or … Continue reading

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Unleashing Performance: NLP and Neuro-Semantics for Accelerated Achievement

There is an obsession with performance in our culture. Those who perform the at the highest level, succeed the most in business or sports, who achieve the most and earn the most money become our heroes and the focus of … Continue reading

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Selling Yourself … On What You Want: How To Overcome Internal Objections

Any time you have a problem, you have an implied objective. The status quo is a problem because it’s not what you want, it’s not your objective. If you’re broke, your implied objective is to have money. If your goal … Continue reading

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The Problem Map – From Structure to Solution

One of the problems with problems is that we think they are problems. In actuality, every problem is an achievement. Every problem is a feat of the mind, an complex skill that you have mastered until it becomes as natural … Continue reading

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Beliefs: The Software of the Mind

With every passing day I am more and more aware of the profound effects our beliefs have on our experience of life and the results we produce. What is it that causes one to spend life on the streets and … Continue reading

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The Wealth Mindset: How to Profit from a Recession in Canada

As world markets slump and worries of a global financial crisis deepen, the Bank of Canada warns that we’re on the edge of a recession. Even though we are in better shape than most other world economies to deal with … Continue reading

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ADD/ADHD: The Way to Success?

What’s great about having ADHD? The answer is, “Lots!” According to Mark Norris, ADHD coach of Rhema Coaching, when we demystify ADHD, the benefits spring forth. We tend to pathologize difference. When people are different we label and categorize and … Continue reading

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How To Make 2008 Your Best Year Yet

A new year has begun, and with it come all our resolutions. If you are among those who don’t have any this year, read about a condition you may be suffering from known as IDD, or Intention Deficit Disorder. For … Continue reading

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