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Sticky Problems: Simplifying Complexity

Most people would say that change is difficult. Many people have tried wholeheartedly to change things in themselves or their behaviour, but failed. Sometimes people have tried many things, and the lack of results has led them to give up … Continue reading

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Your Personal Philosophy: Belief Systems and The Acquisition of Knowledge

How do we know what we know? As we go through life, each of us forms our own unique personal philosophy as we acquire beliefs and form belief systems. although we barely realize it, our beliefs (what we Think is … Continue reading

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The Psychology of Change

How fast can you change? We all know it: Change is slow and painful. Clearly this is the case because we have each struggled for years to change certain things and to no avail. But that may be the biggest … Continue reading

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The Lies of Psychology and a Mission for Something Closer to the Truth

I am on a mission. I want to prove that what we think we know about the mind, behaviour and change is wrong. I want to prove that our most common problems can be resolved in record time. I want … Continue reading

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How to Cure Depression and Anxiety

It’s all over the news. Almost every news site, TV station and newspaper in Canada has reported on the recent findings in the latest edition of The Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry: 15% of pre-schoolers are affected by high … Continue reading

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The Formula for Success

A=n (n-1)/2. That just might be the formula for success. Or maybe not. But there is one you know. It might not be quite as simple as that formula there, but it’s simple enough that we can use it have … Continue reading

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