My Story

When I was young I never planned on being a coach or working in a helping profession. I actually wanted to be an astronaut. But I was a very unhappy kid. But deep down I knew it didn’t have to be that way, and I set out on a quest to turn things around.

When I was 13 I was at the grocery store with my dad and stumbled upon a book called Creative Visualization. I flipped through the pages in a state of amazement: was it really possible to have the things I wanted? I was hooked!

Books: My New Best Friend

I began to devour new age books by the dozen, spending every penny of my weekly allowance on books. From the new age section I moved on to explore spirituality, personal development, psychology, religion and on and on. I remember being 13 years old and sitting in the back of my parents’ car reading Deepak Chopra and Wayne Dyer. By the time I was 18 I had probably read more books than most people do in a lifetime… But I wasn’t done.

At 18, I remember finding Tony Robbin’s Unlimited Power in a box of books someone was throwing out. I remember thinking, Unlimited Power? I want that. This was the first book I read that actually made a concrete difference. I had read and learned a lot, but it was all just ideas I couldn’t seem to apply. Reading Robbin’s book I actually began to feel and think differently.

As time went on I kept reading, learning and studying methods of psychology…

In my twenties, I decided to study NLP. I remember the last day of my first NLP training. I had found it so uplifting I didn’t want it to end. I was hooked! I began studying NLP intensely. NLP methods allowed people to make changes very quickly. Sometimes the results were incredible. I continued to read voraciously, take courses and seminars, listen to audioprograms and use anything else I could get my hands on.

But sometimes, NLP techniques didn’t work. There were things I still hadn’t been able to solve, and when working with other people, sometimes NLP didn’t get us far. I wanted to know why. What made the difference between people who changes easily, and others who continued to struggle?

Using NLP as my framework, I looked for patterns in people who weren’t able to change. I kept refining and innovating my approach, doing less of what didn’t work and more of what did. I started to uncover keys to change, incorporated aspects of other methods until with just about anyone, we could get results they weren’t able to get before.

In the process I gained incredible insight into psychological problems, how they work, what is in the way of solving them and why therapy can sometimes be ineffective. I created NLP based interventions and models with my colleague and business partner, Patrick Luce, such as Identity Code, a method of working with identity issues, SCRIPTS, a model of what is in the way of solving problems and CAUSE, a model of how to solve “sticky” problems.

Although it is not my only passion and not the only area I work it, my path has left me with a passion for helping other resolve the “unresolvable” and achieve the peace and freedom everyone can have. Whether I am helping people resolve long-standing problems or achieve greater performance, I am using the same insights of human psychology, though in different ways. I have always loved figuring things out and simplifying complexity and so I use these same skills to help others.

My Training

Along this path, after my Bachelor of Arts Degree from McGill University, I studied every approach to psychology I could find, completing countless certification programs in Neuro Linguistic Programming and other results-oriented psychological approaches. I am a trainer of NLP, certified in Neuro-Semantics, a certified hypnotherapist, an Associate Certified Meta-Coach and former vice president of the Canadian Association of NLP. I also have a background in sales and marketing with a certificate in E-Marketing from the Canadian Marketing Association as well as being a Certified Guerrilla Marketing Coach. I am also the Communications Co-ordinator for the Toronto-based marketing agency Indispensable.

The full list of my certifications can be found on my Linkedin Profile.

I currently work one on one with clients who have a problem they haven’t been able to solve or have a goal they have not been able to achieve. My focus is on strategic intervention for rapid and lasting results. My approach to working with people combines NLP, Neuro-Semantics, Meta-Coaching and hypnotherapy with the methods and processes I have designed and adapted.

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