“David is a graduate of Meta-Coaching and has ACMC credentials which means he works with the most systematic approach in Coaching today; David has also worked with me in Sweden in Group and Team Coaching and so has international experience as well as skills in group and team coaching. I highly recommend him if you are looking for a self-actualization Coach for performance, development, or transformation.”
- L. Michael Hall PhD., Executive Director, Meta-Coaching System


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Dan describes the results he got in 30 days with NLP and Neuro-Semantic coaching:

David helped me turn things around. The change has been night and day.

I’ve been a futures trader for 12 years, and fairly successful. But the past year professionally was a disaster. I stopped making money and hasn’t had a single pay cheque in over a year, and I was losing money. After a year of that, and
just one month ago I was depressed like never before, not making a dime, in debt and about ready to give up.

Could David Kynan help? Well he did!

I began work with him 1 month ago and have had a total transformation in a span of 1 month. David was able to quickly get to the bottom of things and his approach got me on the right path, and fast.

I’ve made nearly $15,000 this month and everything is perfectly aligned for this to continue. I feel excited and invigorated, I know what works and what to avoid, and I have a whole new conception of how to achieve my goals. I’m all set to keep on achieving!

If you’re feeling stuck, running at a stand still, David can help you. He’s an expert in how to change when change is hard and I highly recommend him. i cant wait to see what else I’ll achieve with his help.
- Dan Mizrahi

Evelyn describes her experience and the results she got through coaching with NLP and Neuro-Semantics:

“I am amazed at the results in such a short amount of time!

When I came to see David, I was experiencing fear of highway driving. Resolving this was my immediate goal. I decided to seek David’s intervention after seeing his presentation “The Structure of Personality” ̶ I liked what I heard and it made sense to me. Beyond the fear of driving, I was suffering from general anxiety as well. I was a worrier! I had seen a psychologist who felt that NLP could be beneficial for my anxiety and encouraged me to try it out.

What happened was beyond my expectations. In my sessions with David, we identified and tackled problems that were keeping me anxious and affecting my quality of life. We explored, questioned and used various processes to make changes. These sessions were very professional yet friendly.

So what’s happened? First, I’ve been able to drive on the highway, I still hesitate a bit, get stupid thoughts, but I manage them and go on.

However there have been major changes:

• I am much less anxious, and when I am I know what to do to manage the anxiety. Doesn’t always work but I am aware.
• I learned to identify the states I may be in, and am able to change them or else accept them but I understand why I’m in a state. My thinking is more structured.
• I’ve “reconnected” with myself – through introspection I am able to analyze a situation and work through a solution. This empowers me.
• I have learned to be more genuine, let go of a lot of inhibitions, so that I can express myself more directly, be more forthright.
• I accept that I have needs and wants and that they are legitimate.
• I now accept my thoughts.
• I have a greater need to express myself.
• I am connecting to people, even old friends in a much deeper way.
• I am more focused. I think that is because my thinking is more my own now, I used to think more through the way of thinking of others.
• I am more trusting of life in general giving me a much more positive outlook.
• I can summarize the changes in me by using the image of a heavy cover being lifted from me. I am connecting to life so much more deeply.

What I believe was the key to all this was the relationship with David. During our sessions I was guided to dig deep into myself and open up, however, to be able to do that, I really had to trust the person I was working with. I have never experienced a relationship and a feeling of trust to the extent I did with David. It has allowed me the freedom to be me, as much as I know how, as much as I can see how, and I have felt safe. It still is a part of me and still accompanies me.

I would tell others that it is possible to change, with the right approach, guidance, direction and effort. Now I have tools to work through things in life. It will require continued effort, consciousness, being aware. It’s definitely not over, but I embrace it.”

-Evelyn, Montreal

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