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The Secret to the Quality of Your Life

Ever wondered what causes one to live a life of joy and success, and another to struggle and suffer constantly? I think I figured it out. A unique capacity all humans have is the ability to make decisions. In nearly … Continue reading

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Beliefs: The Software of the Mind

With every passing day I am more and more aware of the profound effects our beliefs have on our experience of life and the results we produce. What is it that causes one to spend life on the streets and … Continue reading

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No More Positive Thinking!

What’s with our society’s obsession with positive thinking? Everywhere you turn there are articles, blogs, websites all touting the benefits of “positive thinking.” What the heck does that mean anywa? Ask ten people and you’ll get ten different definitions. Don’t … Continue reading

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The Formula for Success

A=n (n-1)/2. That just might be the formula for success. Or maybe not. But there is one you know. It might not be quite as simple as that formula there, but it’s simple enough that we can use it have … Continue reading

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