The Formula for Success

A=n (n-1)/2. That just might be the formula for success. Or maybe not. But there is one you know. It might not be quite as simple as that formula there, but it’s simple enough that we can use it have almost anything we want. Really. Don’t believe me? It’s true that the formula for success and fulfillment has always been a jealously guarded secret. Until now. Success and happiness are far easier to achieve than most people think they are. Want proof?

In high school I was known as the “prince of darkness.” Ya, me. I was a pretty unhappy kid. I felt alone, stuck and frustrated and it seemed there was no light at the end of the tunnel. Sound familiar?

Well, things have changed a little. In an article that appeared recently in the Montreal Mirror I was described as a “highly articulate, happy, happy Westmount resident.” I won’t comment on the articulate part, but I have to say, the rest is true. I am happy, happier than I have ever been. I am doing what I love, traveling the world and pursuing my passion. I’m earning more than ever before and I have practically everything I want. Who would have thought?

So how did I go from depresso to Mr. happy and successful?

That’s a great question. One day something snapped. Something made me realize that if I was so good at feeling bad, if I had mastered that skill, I could be just as good at feeling good. I decided that day to make a solid commitment to finding out how. And I did it.

When I look back sometimes I think I was a pretty stupid kid. I spent so much time down and depressed, wishing there were solutions to all my troubles. What I didn’t know is that there were solutions all along. I just hadn’t found them. Now, I have a new commitment. It’s up to me to help others find the solutions they’re looking for, the answers that they didn’t know (or believe) existed.

I have spent the past 13 years obsessed with uncovering the secrets to happiness and empowerment and since I’m not quite done yet, I figured I would invite everyone else out there on this journey. And I want your help in making this blog the best resource for unlocking the keys to personal fulfillment and success. Stay tuned for the how to’s of achievement, specific tips and techniques you can use, reviews of the most impactful books and movies, and perhaps a few interesting surprises. Let me know what you want to know about or find out how to do and be sure to comment on the postings. A blog is nothing without the interaction of its readers!

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David Kynan

David Kynan will get you there with practical cutting-edge methods for change and performance. President of Personis Coaching and Training ( and Former Vice President of the Canadian Association of NLP, David coaches, teaches and consults on how to make change happen when change is hard. He also lends his skills to individuals, professionals and businesses on topics related to strategic intervention, problem solving, marketing and sales. His expertise has landed him training and consulting contracts with companies such as Sun Life Financial, Medisca Pharmaceuticals Inc. and Pure Water Technologies. He has been featured in the Montreal Mirror, interviewed on CTV and presented on his work at the Canadian Human Rights Commission in Ottawa.

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2 Responses to The Formula for Success

  1. Monkey at AC says:

    Hello Dave,

    That is a very promising blog. Can we expect you to share some of your secrets to happiness and success? Will you define the ‘a’ and the ‘n’ of you equation? It’d be interesting to understand a little more concretely what NLP tecnhiques are and how they change change your life forever. I’m looking forward to read your next blog.


  2. Bruce says:


    Thanks for showing me your blog. It brought to my mind a lot of the learnings I have from NLP and reminded me to put an NLP lesson in my mind in the morning to progress in developing unconscious proficiency of NLP techniques.


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