Trusting Your Unconscious

Do You Trust Your Unconscious?

The famous hypnotherapist Milton Erickson said to therapists that “Patients will be patients because they are out of rapport with their unconscious mind.”

Many approaches to change try to help us rationalize our problems to overcome them… but often it doesn’t work or simply makes things worse.

Time and time again I have heard clients say, “I know it’s not logical, I know it’s not rational, but I just can’t help it.”

Modern day society values rational, abalytical thinking, emphasizing the intellect and the conscious mind. When we have a problem that needs to be solves we try to figure it out, we try to think of a solution and find a way to change… but it doesn’t work.

Throughout history geniuses have relied on a deeper awareness to solve problems. How many breakthroughts have come out of a flash of insight or a dream? What happens when you have a problem and you sleep on it?

Working with thousands and thousands of clients, Milton Erickson produced impressive results where all others had failed. He became famous for his “miraculous cures.” Through tens of thousands of hours of experience working with people, Erickson concluded that problems were a function of conscious processes and that solutions were a function of the unconscious. By getting people’s conscious minds out of the way, he was able to help people free themselves of all manner of conditions.

Trying to solve problems is a bit like trying to sleep. The more you try, the longer you stay awake. If you let go, you fall right to sleep.

So many times I have watched a client struggle with a problem. “How do I solve this?” “I just don’t know how.” They fall into the trap of overthinking, obsessing, trying so hard that things get worse. But what happens when they give the conscious mind a break?

The conscious rational part of us is limited… The unconscious mind is a storehouse of resources and information. When you trust in this deeper part of you, solutions arise by themselves. Trusting in your unconscious you access creativity, new ideas and allow your unconscious to process, synthesize and integrate information leaving you with new ways of seeing things.

If ever I try to write something I end up with writer’s block. But if I have an idea and simply plant it in my unconscious, after a day or two everything just flows right out on it’s own within a matter of minutes.

Trust your unconscious mind and you’ll experience greater harmony and alignment. Plus, when you trust your unconscious, your conscious and unconscious work together so you can trust yourself. The result? Confidence, peace of mind and a better life.

So trust your unconscious…processing.

David Kynan

David Kynan will get you there with practical cutting-edge methods for change and performance. President of Personis Coaching and Training ( and Former Vice President of the Canadian Association of NLP, David coaches, teaches and consults on how to make change happen when change is hard. He also lends his skills to individuals, professionals and businesses on topics related to strategic intervention, problem solving, marketing and sales. His expertise has landed him training and consulting contracts with companies such as Sun Life Financial, Medisca Pharmaceuticals Inc. and Pure Water Technologies. He has been featured in the Montreal Mirror, interviewed on CTV and presented on his work at the Canadian Human Rights Commission in Ottawa.

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